Things You Learn in Engineering

I’m not entirely sure how this got started, but as far as I can remember it went something like this. A friend of mine and I got to talking about how there were a ton of things that we learned in Engineering that no orientation package would ever tell you. One thing led to another, and eventually we decided to make a list of things that we were taught that fell outside of the “normal” (if you could call it that) University degree.

After compiling the list of things that we couldn’t believe had happened (like getting dating advice from multiple professors), things that just didn’t make sense (being taught that 1000 amps is basically no current), and other things we had discovered (soul transfer forms are available on the ECE undergraduate website), I took the list and made it look like an official UW publication, with the right colours and fonts for an information package. So for all first year students…

Things You Learn in Engineering [pdf]