Nicholas Armstrong is a software leader in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario.

My focus is on startup-scale leadership — building the team, establishing the engineering culture, designing the overall system architecture — across cloud services, mobile & web apps, networks, and UI/UX.

My recent hands-on development has been with Docker, Kubernetes, node.js, React, PostgresSQL, Power BI, Android, and TypeScript.

My last role was as Director of Software for Carnegie Technologies (now defunct).


Network handover in Google Fi

Aug 20, 2015

Google's Project Fi represents a major shift for the cellular industry. I explore how Google's Project Fi switches between Sprint, T-Mobile, and Wi-Fi.

Sideloading Windows 8 apps with WiX

Aug 26, 2014

Using WiX to create a Windows Installer that can install and update Windows 8 (modern/metro/windows store) apps for testing.