My résumé contains a compact description of my professional experience. Those looking for an exhaustive version of my professional and academic experience are best served by my CV.

Employment History

A thorough description of each of my employers (Pravala, Microsoft, Systemgroup, GTAA, Hydro One), including details on the projects I worked on, can be found on my employment history page.

Academic History

Every engineering program is different, and computer engineering is certainly one of the more variable programs between universities. My academic history provides a brief outline to computer engineering at the University of Waterloo, and lists the courses I chose to take.


My last two co-op terms were spent working at Microsoft on PhotoSuru, a WPF developer sample formerly available from www.photosuru.com (dead link). A video of the project (an interview with me on Channel9) provides a good overview.


I have been fortunate to work on technologies that are new and innovative enough to qualify for patent protection. My first patent, entitled Accessing Local Network Resources in a Multi-Interface System, is available online at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.